To all our Returning Customers:

The only thing we care for more than the quality of our products is our customer's satisfaction. We know if we continue to work hard and insist on the best from our manufacturers, we will receive kind words from our loyal customers.

And because we appreciate kind words, we're rewarding those who take the time to share our products.


How Does It Work? 

It's simple actually, there's two ways to contribute:

1. Tweet/Vine/Instagram why you love your Owen & Fred product. Mention @owenandfred with a photo of your new product. 

Or Better Yet:

2. Email and tell us why you love Owen & Fred. Send us a photo of you and your product too!

 The more words and photos you give, the higher the reward!

What Do We Mean By Reward?

It depends on what you send. If you share a photo or two, discounts and free gear are definitely available. If you share more, a whole photo-shoot or a lengthy article on our products, hell, we might just hire you!

But Why? 

We're doing this because, although we love to look at our products, we want to see them through your eyes, and we want to share that with others. The more you show us what you love about our products, the more others, including us, can understand why you come to Owen & Fred. This will not only inspire others to love our company, but help us build and create the best products available. 

So share your purchases today and help us share American-made essentials to every man in the world!