Custom Brass Collar Stays


The Owen & Fred team posed a question one day, "What the hell do guys do with all of their plastic collar stays?" We asked it because our collar stays seem to mysteriously fall through the cracks of our dressers, into air vents, or simply bend out of shape deeming them useless.

Before companies started shoving shirt pockets with their cheap plastic collar stays that didn't work, men used metal stays to keep their collars straight. However, these days, it seems more men have their collar stays scattered throughout their armoire than in their shirts. Owen and Fred didn't want this accent of style to disappear and, instead, thought of a simple yet innovative solution to the misplaced-collar-stay-dilemma.

First, because collars can come in different sizes, we decided to offer three pairs of varying lengths, 2", 2.5", and 3". Next, we wanted our stays durable. No more bent plastic stays, we wanted something that would last. We chose brass- a quality metal that will keep its form yet more affordable than say, silver or platinum.

And because we make men's goods great, we couldn't just stop there. We commissioned our friends in the Hudson River Valley of New York to hand craft a case made from red oak. These are a simple solution to keeping all of your stays organized when not in use.

Oh, but there's more. You have six collar stays and you have your red oak case, we asked ourselves, "What else could we do to make these beyond great?" Well, we figured out we could customize the the brass with 10 - 13 characters (depending on size) of your choice. Whether it be your name, a special message to a loved one, or for a group of friends- say a groomsmen gift. Customizing your stays to exactly what you wish makes these extremely special and worth keeping safe.

No more worrying about losing your collar stay, with fine brass stays like these, you'll keep an eye on each pair.