Say Hello to Woody


What do you use to hold your pens, markers, and pencils? An old coffee mug? A tin canister? We were using old olive jars. Well, not anymore. That's because we created Woody, the pen organizer perfect for your desk or work space.

As usual, we wanted simple yet extraordinary. We looked for help from New York-based father-and-son woodworking team, Witris, to create the style we imagined. These boys did quite a job too. Made from becautful cedar wood (that smells like a forest), Woody will hold the perfect amount of pens, pencils, and more without over-cluterring your space.

As well, we wanted something that could withstand the weight of say, heavy industrial scissors or a few metal rulers. With the help of Witris, we were able to make Woody have a weighted bottom that keeps it from falling over even when you do stack it with some heavier objects.

It's easy to see why Woody might be your new best friend. We're not saying he's the solution to desk clutter, but he sure is a start.

Find Woody over at the Owen & Fred store in our Workspace section, everything you need for your desk or creative space.