Why I Love Our Notebooks

Going back chronologically, I've previously used Field Notes, Moleskin, Evernote on my iPhone, Notepad on my iPhone, and before that, Blackberry (!), and even before that a Palm Pilot. I switched to pen and paper because my to do lists on the iPhone just ended up being too damn long, and frankly, I missed the feeling of literally crossing off items on my to do list. Like Zoro defeating a perpetrator, you know.

$14 is a pretty great investment in staying organized. It's been a great investment for us, and a great investment by our customers. I've been using our notebooks for several months now, and my trusty original is still going strong with my notes, musings, ideas, and most importantly, my To Do's. Talk about Patina. I carry it in my jeans and my messenger to work. It's getting good use. But it's crafted with solid materials and still has at least a few more months of pages for to do list items.

The best part about it all? I can look back at my list and see the items that I've checked off. 

It feels good. 

That's why I love our Essential Notebooks.


Never Lose Your Keys Again


We were tired of it: coming home with pockets full of all your little essentials with nowhere to put them. Think about it, your phone, keys, wallet, change, pen, lighter, glasses- all of them essential to going about your day. Items you need while out and about, but that doesn't mean you want to be sitting in your home with all this stuff in your jeans. You want to relax and unwind, not get jabbed in the thigh with your keys.

Then another problem arose: once I take everything out of my pockets, who knows where it will go? I'd toss my wallet on my dresser, my keys on the kitchen table, my pen and notebook on my desk, glasses on the coffee table. It was too much. Now when I wanted to leave the house, I had to set out on a scavenger hunt to find everything I needed. I'd flip pillows, empty out drawers, check in the refrigerator.

Owen & Fred said no more. We created this canvas accessories tray so you can finally have one place for all of your pocket essentials. Put it by your dresser, desk, front door, or wherever you please. Fill it with everything you need to head out the door.

Made from 18 oz waxed canvas, the accessories trays are made in New York and feature a quote from two of the most inspiring men in history. We put these quotes there so when you're about to head out the door, and you're filling your pockets with everything you need, you'll receive a dose of well-deserved inspiration.

Simple, right? That's what Owen & Fred aims to do- make extraordinary items to keep your life simple and organized. Take a look at our accessories trays and decide where you want to keep your keys.