The New Space Comes Together

Moving can be stressful, particularly moving boxes and boxes of inventory that you'd hate to see fall on the concrete! Last week,

Last week, we packed up our things and moved to a new warehouse and office location in Greenpoint. We shipped out on a day with a heat advisory, 90+ degrees in fact, but that didn't slow us down.


The move went exceedingly well, our shipping operations only went down for about 4 hours. That means every customer got their package on time, as expected. Our friendly neighborhood FEDEX and UPS teams didn't miss a beat. 

Our new space is perfect for us — not too big, and not too cramped. We decided to give it some nice finishing touches — walls painted in our signature Owen & Fred red, our ampersand proudly stamped on the door and floor, and some super comfy leather chairs for extended brainstorming and dreaming.

New Office 02.png

It's bright, it's happy, and everything we need to take this company to the next level. We're super thrilled to have customers that are supporting our expansion and making men's goods, made great. 

We're now at 61 Greenpoint Avenue in Brooklyn, with a really, really bitchin' view.