Process: Bags Bags Bags

Many conversations this week on one of our favorite products: men's bags. We're researching and discovering a whole world of options when it comes to a new line of bags we plan to create. We want to make sure we've covered our tracks and made some good decisions when it comes to everything from a dopp kitt, to a weekender, to a messenger bag. There's a lot of work to be considered.

For example: what kind of fabrics can we use?

We love the feel and durability of a good duck canvas like this Duffel we sell from Wheelman. A strong fabric that doesn't tear easily and ages beautifully.

Waxed canvas also comes to mind for a fabric of choice. It's just as strong as duck canvas but, after several uses, develops a wonderful aged shine. This happens from the wax that the canvas is covered in. Either fabric is a good choice, we love out Wheelman Duffel, and you should too.  


We're also considering a smart use of pockets. Every man these days has more accessories than they can count. We don't want them losing anything important, so we're making sure our bags have lots of pockets, inside and out, for a man to put his favorite gadgets.  

The Owen & Fred Gym Bag, for example, has one large pocket on the outside and one hidden pocket on the inside. So, while your handkerchief, keys, mints, and pen can sit in the outer pocket, your wallet, phone, and iPad mini can slip into the inside pocket with still room for everything you need for a morning or evening workout. 

You may notice the bag below not in the Owen & Fred store, and although we're sure people will love it, we're still putting the finishing touches on a beautiful canvas dopp kitt. The conversations this week covered those last touches, along with some big, all-encompassing strokes. 


Owen and Fred Meeting.png

Our coast to coast conference calls always bring a smile to my face because every week new products come through that look better than anything we imagined. That's why we're so excited to start production on more bags made from great materials and set at affordable prices. 

What do you look for in a great bag? Let is know by leaving a comment or tweeting at us @OwenandFred. We'd love to hear your opinion.