Like a kid on Christmas Day, we can be quite excited when opening our prototypes when they are sent back from our manufacturers in the mail. It would be an understatement to say that it is "really cool" to see a product go from ideation, to sketch, to sample. So when we get the prototypes back in the mail from FedEx; its a really great feeling, an exciting moment to behold. But sometimes there can be a little bit of an unexpected let down, where you know you’re not going to get the right fabric on the first day, or you know you are getting a rough prototype. Typically, adjustments are needed.

So, when we receive a prototype, we like to put it to use right away to test it out. Sometimes a small product is easy to evaluate. Take something such as the Hex Business Card Holder. We got it in the mail, we loaded it up with some business cards, take a good look at the materials, maybe take this piece of brass and polish it up. Hopefully, after working with a manufacturer for a while, these are going to be up to expectations.

For a very complicated project, like say a brief or duffel, sometimes the straps are too wide or too narrow. Or maybe, the canvas color is off from our colorways; or we are not happy with the background color of a zipper. So those are things that require adjustment; and adjustment is a big part of our process. Spending the time to get things right is really what makes a product a final product.

It is never good to pass a fault. So if we see something that needs to be adjusted in a product we will adjust it. We are already moving on a very fast timeline from ideation to production. Some of our products can be as fast as 2 to 3 weeks, not including time to make packaging. So we’ll take the time to make adjustments. We already work on an accelerated schedule, just by virtue of the way that we design and bring products to market. And there is a fair amount of fun in putting your design aesthetic into a product, and then figuring out what adjustments need to be made in a product that ultimately our customers are going to love.