Inspiration for great design can come from anywhere. But, great design is often a great place for inspiration. Or, its simply fun to look at. Here are six of our favorite sites to find great design. . These sites offer a great mix of inspiring concepts, from architecture to jewelry; hi-tech innovations to bathroom renovations. Featuring a multitude of iterations of "design-thinking," We have a hunch that these sites will help you out with whatever you have your mind set to. 


DESIGNSPONGE // www.design-sponge.com
Design Sponge is a go-to website if you are into building, making, and creating things. And, if you like looking at phenomenal things that people build, make, and create. Are you looking for some inspiration for a desk you've been meaning to build? Or how to re-design your bedroom? DesignSponge offers an eclectic point of view through a design-focused, DIY lens. The site features city guides, recipes, tours of unique and stunning homes, and resources for your projects. There is eye candy in the way of super imaginative, beautiful interiors. It is a treasure chest of an array of interconnected areas of inspiration and new ideas.


CORE77 // www.core77.com
CORE77 has been a website since 1995 - which means most people were accessing it with a dial-up modem back then. You can find information about the latest trends, news, and happenings in the industrial design field. Their website has recently been redesigned, and it looks great. They have a sister website, Coroflot, that features all sorts of notable new designs and products daily. Their work helps to generate a vibrant industrial design community, connecting designers from all over the world to create and circulate innovative products. Core77 recognizes great designs all of the time. One way is through the Core77 Design Awards, honoring design from furniture to architecture to interaction and a ton of concepts in between. Their newest book, Designing Here/Now, is an amazing compilation of imaginative and innovative designs currently happening, a great overview of what has been created and what the future could look like. Mike (our founder) even has their bumper sticker on the wall behind his desk.


NOTCOT // www.notcot.com
NOTCOT is not just a website, but an entire network of design websites, each dedicated to different facets of design and community. The founder created it using the HotBot search engine in the late 90s. notcot.hotbot.com sounded cool, and the name stuck as his personal handle all over the web. Like Core77, it is super old for a website, and has amazing projects going on. On Notcot.org, you can essentially upload and curate design that is meaningful to you, and see personal takes on design from all over the world. Shortly thereafter, Notcot released more sites - notcouture.com, liqurious.com, tasteologie.com, and notventures.com - all to feed your interests in fashion, great cocktails, food, and travel from a design-centric point of view. It is more than just eye candy, but generally speaking, candy.


FAST CO DESIGN // www.fastcodesign.com
Fastco. offers a take on design that is not just about aesthetics; but all that design can do socially and technologically. It is pretty inspiring and amazing to see what kinds of innovation design can spur, and what kinds of design can spur innovation. And, when we say innovation, we mean technological innovation, but also innovation for humans in general. Founded in November 1995 by two former editors for the Harvard Business Review, the site focuses on technology, ethics, design, and business; synthesizing a bunch of relevant ideas into one progressive space.


DEZEEN // www.dezeen.com
Dezeen has a focus on things like architecture, furniture and lighting; which is an inspiring place to get ideas for new products. The site has been around since 2006; and has gained immense notoriety ever since. It is one of the most influential publications concerning architecture and design, and has garnered numerous awards and accolades for its fine journalism and publishing. The site was founded by a furniture designer turned journalist. The site is a place to find amazing writing and also innovative and mind-blowing architecture. Check out this amazing playroom for children that features a landscape of indoor hills made of cedar; or a telescopic contact lens that can zoom in and out with the blink of an eye.


DESIGN MILK // design-milk.com
This site without fail will offer eye candy and great design. They specialize in everything from architecture to fashion, and there is a great character to the breadth of work they publish. There are a number of amazingly curated regular features - such as Skim Milk, featuring the best in minimalist design, and Get Out!, featuring all things meant for the outdoors. If you love dogs, they have a sister site called Dog Milk.