Where Do Dopp Kits Come From?

Shaving kit bags are one of our best-selling products, and a pretty useful and great invention overall.

So why are they called dopp kits? It is difficult to discern where the word "dopp" comes from in this context. And it's not really found in any other context in the English language. Nor is it really a descriptive adjective as to of what a dopp kit does.

So where does the word "dopp" actually come from? A dopp kit is called a dopp kit because they were first popularized as a product by William Doppelt, a German leather goods designer who moved to the US in the late 1800s, and began producing a newfangled leather case for toiletries. The case was released in 1919, and the resulting product was called a Dopp kit - a shortened version of Doppelt.

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In World War II, the US army issued millions of Dopp kits to recruits. This aided greatly in increasing their presence and subsequently, their popularity. The toiletries case was eventually produced by other companies as well, definitely with some design variations, but the name stuck. The dopp kit’s name comes from a linguistic phenomenon known as coinage, which is actually one of the least common processes of word formation. If a word is coined, it means that it is a totally new invented term that just sticks. Often, these are invented names for commercial products, similar to why we usually call adhesive bandages and tissues “band-aids” and “kleenex.” Dopp kits are produced by all sorts of companies now, but the name is still here.

Dopp kits are nifty, and designed to serve an extremely useful function - its no wonder they became so popular. They are an awesomely sized bag for keeping toiletries in. Furthermore, the format of a dopp kit allows for all sorts of designs and varieties to be made. Ours is designed to get the job done with some playfulness, style, and functionality - there is not another quite like it.