We Love the Gibson Typeface

The Gibson Typeface is what we use on our packaging - it’s unique and it stands out. It’s bold. It’s elegant. Masculine and unusual. Its personality feels right at home communicating what it needs to about our products. And like all things made great, it has a bold history to match its astute nature.

The font was created by Rod McDonald, and produced by Patrick Griffin and Kevin King of Canada Type, an independent font development studio in Toronto. Gibson is named to honor John Gibson, Rod’s friend and colleague. He was also the founding member of the Graphic Designers of Canada. John Gibson led a prolific life as a designer. The typeface is relatively young - created in 2011. Make no mistake though, this font’s pre-internet, low-tech legacy stretches back for decades.

John Gibson was born in 1928 and hails from across the pond, where he trained in London, United Kingdom at Camberwell College of Arts and Design, as well as the London School of Printing in the early 1950s. Here he was an apprentice hand compositor, which means that he was training to set type by hand (that’s how newspapers and books were printed before fancy electric machines and computers).

He eventually found his way to Canada, working with the Typographic Designers of Canada. He brought the legacy of handcrafted text with him, which were the foundations of his work into the 21st century. After becoming the first National President of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada in 1976; he influenced the work of others across Canada and the world. The font is reminiscent of the simplicity of handcrafted text; but still gets along quite nicely with our fast-paced environment.

The Gibson Typeface is a humanist sans serif font - which means that, it has a very high stroke contrast. It is simplistic, missing serifs, the fancy “feet” you can find on a font like Times New Roman or Courier. It is designed to be easy on the eye; leading the viewer to the next word and the next line. It is great for long reads and small text, transforming the most tedious reads into a pleasant experience.

The font is still distributed by Canada Type. The font is attractive and affordable, ideal for designers who want to work on a budget while creating a sleek design. Want to know a particularly great about Canada Type? They place revenue from the font back into design education and the creative arts in Canada; crafting the future of design for years to come. If it borrows some vigor from the Gibson typeface, we are thinking that future will be pretty bright and handsome. We are lucky to have a font this good-looking and hardworking on our products - we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.