Spotlight: Valet Trays

The valet tray is a unique object to put on your desk or on a shelf, at home or in the office. They are made from a one-of-a-kind mix, developed specifically for our concrete products. It is as smooth as ceramic to the touch, but has the look and feel of concrete. You probably see concrete every day. These trays offer a new spin on the classic material - something for your desk instead of the ground.

To design the product, we created a hand sketch of the product we wanted. A mock up was then made using CAD software. Using this design as a model, a plastic version was made with a 3D printer, so something that looked a bit like the final product. From this plastic replica, we were able to create a mold. Ultimately, we made about 15 or 16 molds. These are the molds we are currently using to produce the trays. They allow us to make quite a great deal from concrete. After receiving these concrete trays from our manufacturing partner, we punch out leather inserts using an 8 ton leather press, punching out little leather inserts that line the interior, cushioning your stuff. After applying a strong contact adhesive, we use super heavy duty Bessey clamps to bond the leather to the tray. Finally, they sit overnight for the adhesive to set.

They are made of concrete, but delicate. When we send them out we wrap them in foam and a foam box; to make sure they are kept safe. This ensures that when they finally make it to you, you are looking at a beautifully produced concrete tray.