Why Use a Soap Dish?

Real men don't use body soaps and loofahs, they use a bar of soap and their hands. Hopefully, they invest in a great smelling soap reminiscent of log cabins and volcanoes. Whatever their preference, a bar of soap is a man's soap. 

However, a smart man conserves, and we all know how easily a bar of soap can disappear if not treated correctly. Enter the soap dish. 

A soap dish's intention is to keep your bar of soap dry and out of harm's way so it can last as long as you need it to. They sit on your sink's edge or near the shower to keep your soap away from water and allow it to dry after every use. 

Most soap dishes are made from a white porcelain, so to spice things up, Owen & Fred has released two new soap dishes, one made from cedar and another from concrete.

The cedar soap dish is made in the USA and smells like a forest on a warm fall day. Slots in the wood allow for the soap's excess water to drip away and keep the soap dry. The wood absorbs the water and ages beautifully the more you use it. 

Our concrete soap dish is our latest release. The quote, "The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It," is raised from the bottom of the soap dish to allow your bar of soap to stay dry. The dish is big enough for a typical bar of soap, yet small enough to fit perfectly atop a kitchen, bathroom, or utility sink. We added cork tabs on the bottom of the dish to keep the concrete from scratching or harming any surfaces. Most importantly, it looks damn good.