Stop Typing, Start Writing

They stopped teaching cursive handwriting in school. Can you believe that? One of my favorite things is receiving letters and notes from friends in the mail. It's sure as hell a lot better than seeing an email from that same friend. Unfortunately, less people are taking the time to send handwritten notes. It's possibly one of the most personal things one can do from hundreds of miles away. Sure, you can like someone's new profile pic, but taking the time to write down your thoughts and send it in the mail… now that means something.

Owen & Fred partnered with Terrapin Stationers to create three sets of notecards. We made them simple yet beautiful. An inspiring quote on two of them and a simple "Hey, Thanks" on the other make these perfect for sending to friends and loved ones. 

No one expects you to write an epic novel when sending a letter. Just to let the recipient know you're thinking of them is enough to make someone feel important. What's more exciting than receiving a letter in the mail? 



These notecards feel great too. On heavy A6 card stock, they have great weight when resting in your hands. The quotes are embossed onto the paper which means if your rub your hand over them, you'll feel the words against your fingers. When was the last time you literally felt words? 

We're not trying to change the world with these. Everyone sends emails and sits in front of screens all day, there's no denying it. All we hope is that a stack of these cards will help you connect with a few friends you haven't talked to in a while. Or they'll help you say thanks to someone you've been meaning to contact. Keep the art of handwriting and letters alive, as our good friend Owen says, "Let's create, ok?"


Predict Card Mom.JPG