The Shipping Process

Believe it or not, Owen & Fred loves to ship packages all around the world. To do that, we've made sure to make the process of shipping as efficient as we could.

Meet Carolyn. More likely than not, she'll be sending your purchases, she does it with a great, big smile. You can't see it because she's a little camera shy, but trust us, it's there. Seriously, she's always smiling when sending packages, she just loves it.

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Once we receive the order, we weigh the package so we can skip the FedEx line. Next we print out the label for shipping, and even use our own Owen & Fred tape so when the package arrives at your door step, you'll know what awaits. It's the little things, you know?

When all the packages of the day have been processed, we gather them and await our loyal FedEx delivery man to pick them up and ship them your way.


Speaking of FedEx delivery, if you have any questions about shipping methods, costs, and arrival times, you should take a look at our Shipping FAQ, it answers everything you need to know about our shipping situation. 

But let's be real- here's what you need to know:

We will not let you down when it comes to shipping your package. Carolyn and our team of helpers get things out on time every day. We would hate to have you waiting at your doorstep, twiddling your thumbs for days on end while you await your package. We know how excited one can be for a new pen, bag, or custom luggage tag. We get it. We work with manufacturers all around the United States who help us make our products. We order canvas, leather, metal, and everything in between and we hate to wait for it. So we share the sentiment. 

And don't worry, even if your package gets left behind, we have Owen & Fred founder Mike Arnot with two wheels and your package on the way to FedEx.