Welcome to Owen & Fred's Customization Program. This page has all the details to help your team process orders and receive products.

1. To place an order, you'll need your store's special wholesale discount code. Email if you don't have it. 

2. Go to, as if you were a regular eCommerce customer. 

3. Click on "Personalized Gifts" at the top. 

4. Anything that is metal, we can make for your customers. This includes:

  • Money Clips
  • Collar Stays
  • Tie Bars
  • Luggage Tags

The prices are exactly 1/2 of the retail price on our website.
Collars Stays: 
$45 retail, $22.50 wholesale, in brass or stainless steel.
Tie Bars:

$45 retail, $22.50 wholesale, in Pure Sterling Silver.
Money Clips:

Brass: $25 retail, $12.50 wholesale Copper and Plated Silver: $45 retail, $22.50 wholesale Pure Sterling Silver: $99 retail, $49.50 wholesale Plated Gold: $65 retail, $37.50 wholesale.
Luggage Tags
$49 retail, $24.50 wholesale, in Black or Brushed Brass.

Follow the specific engraving guidelines, found here, for character counts.

5.  Add the items to your cart, and the quantities desired.

6. In your cart, there's a box. Type the customization details in the box. Use plain English. 




7. When you check out, pick a billing address, and a shipping address. Guess what! We will ship to the shipping address you specify!

8. Add in your special discount code to get the wholesale discount.

8. You'll get an order confirmation, invoice and shipping notification.

9. Make a mistake? Email and we'll get it squared away.