Case Studies from Owen & Fred


Here are some recent case studies:

For An Agency: Helping them help their client

Fitch is a WPP design agency based in London. Last year, on behalf of a large client, they created custom leather luggage tags for award winners at an annual retreat. With a turn around of two weeks, we received the winners' names and created gorgeous looking tags, on time. Job well done.

For a Brand: Aussie Hair Care

We've been using Aussie hair care products for a long time. We love the smell of their signature conditioner. Accordingly, we jumped at the chance to create a unique, Kangaroo-enabled luggage tag for the Aussie sales team. We created a custom die from their logo art work. You could say we hopped to it.

For a Company Retreat: Responsys

Responsys engaged us to create luggage tags for a good chunk of their tech company -- just in time for a corporate retreat. Mission accomplished. Some of the tags were branded with the company name, and others were personalized with details such as the recipients' cell phone number and email address. Complete privacy of this important information is guaranteed.

For the Sales Team: A Leading Media Company

For a leading magazine publisher, we created custom branded leather luggage tags so that their sales team could provide them to their best clients as a "Thank You" for advertising with them. We heard directly that it worked wonders. Any salesperson will tell you that the sweetest thing for a client to their name. People just love seeing their names hand stamped into leather.

A 'Thank You Gift' to team members

For several brands, including an NBA basketball team, engineering firms, and well-known celebrities, we've created custom leather luggage tags as Holiday gifts for their deserving back office teams. A nice jesture, and a product they willl have more than one season.